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Chris has brought passion, creativity, and years of experience to his clients in Vancouver since 2006. Now, it’s time to expand. What began as a mobile styling service has evolved to include online courses and live sessions, allowing you to learn how to style hair that looks effortless with confidence. Whether you own a salon or simply want to know how to care for your own hair, you will find what you need here.

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Making Waves on the West Coast

I’m Chris, one of the leading stylists in Vancouver, BC. Transforming the way my clients feel about their hair is what I live for, and styling is how I make that happen. From weekly blowouts to wedding updos, allow me to take away your stress and turn it into confidence.

With a desire to help even more people access this transformation, I’ve taken my years of experience and poured them into creating live sessions and online courses where you can learn the techniques I use on my clients every day. Let’s get started! You deserve it.

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